About Myself

After finding myself on academic probation, I sat on a floor and made decisions that would ultimately change my life forever.  Several of those decisions brought me out of academic probation and into multiple college graduations. If there is one thing that I tell people, it’s this: “It isn’t always what you don’t know that can get you into trouble–but rather those things that you don’t know that you don’t know”.IMAG0441

I am an educator, motivational speaker, author, mentor and I have lived on both sides of the teachers desk. Everyday I put my time, talent, and energy into teaching people how to learn, in order to succeed in the world of education.

Even now that I have become an award winning educator (local, state and national), I try never to forget life as a student–both the successes and the many failures. As a “Motivational Educator”, I am all about helping others gain a passion for learning, refining the process of teaching, and broadening access to understanding. In short: I like to make things plain!

Check out my YouTube channel (daprofessa77 and daprofessa nixon) and my Google Plus boards of the same names! Or, check me out on my Facebook page at Make It Plan. Email me (Julian Nixon of course) at junixon77@hotmail.com. Feel free to contact me for more information!

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