Make The Time To Make The Grade

Happy New Year!!! If your life is like mine, then you are already busier than most. I am writing this blog post while scrambling to get an outfit ready for a business meeting. I had this nagging thought that I wanted to share with you, and so here it is: no matter what you do this year, make sure that you make time.

What I mean is that if there is something that you hope to achieve this year that you did not achieve last year, it will require the very finite resource known as time. Time management is nothing more than time accounting, time auditing, and time banking. Think of your time like money–oh, and by the way…if you are bad with money, then you are probably bad with time too.

Just like you seek to get the most for every dollar that you spend, you should work hard to obtain the most for every minute that you spend. Every successful student requires time to become successful. Heck, even students who cheat require time to be successful in cheating. I once met a student who created an extremely unique method of cheating. When she was caught I was shocked at how much time she had to dedicate in order to pull it off. It was just as much time that would have been required to have studied for the same test and passed it.

Begin doing an assessment of your time–don’t just admit that you ‘you don’t have any’, but actually fill out a daily schedule to see where your time is going. Some successes come from small alterations. For example: look at what you do for the last 15 minutes before you go to bed…look at the last 15 minutes before you go to class…what do you do for the first hour after you arrive home from work…These are important periods of time and what you do with them directly influence the other hours of your day. In 2014, stop looking at the large amounts of millionaire time that you don’t have and start looking at the pocket change time that you are dismissing and throwing away. Now, where did I put that tie…

It’ll Cost Ya

Anything valuable enough to transform your life will come with a price tag that cannot be covered by mere pocket change. If the amount of currency required to cover the cost does not remain a persistent memory then your respect for that purchase will be diminished.

What some people don’t realize is that the price to be paid may be like a restaurant meal: you don’t know the total cost until you are done. Sometimes you do not see the full and total bill until you finish school–and then you realize what it really cost you.

I have had the pleasure of meeting many students who know the true cost of their education, but I still meet those who have no clue. If you do not place a high enogh value on education, then you will never be willing to pay the price for it: both in tuition and work ethic.

Join The Revolution–Be Careful of the Company That You Keep Part 1

Human nature sucks. There are some things about it that we are so proud of when we are young, but once we grow older (and hopefully wiser) we realize that those attributes were absolutely stupid.

For example: one of those attributes happens to be something that my father has always referred to as the “Sheep Mentality” (which we still display as an adult quite often). Sheep have the nasty habit of following one another–no matter where they may be going. They will follow one another into a creek and drown…they will follow one another over a cliff…and they will follow one another away from safety and into an unfamiliar area with predators. They are not very bright creatures–soft and cuddly–but not very bright.

That’s why there is a shepherd. The job of the shepherd is to provide guidance to the sheep so that the sheep can be led to the best feeding spots, the best resting places, and protection from danger. A good teacher should be a good shepherd, but a good student is a good sheep. So how do I find a good shepherd and how do I become a good sheep? Stay tuned…

More School?!? President Obama Regime Looks At More School Time As Possible Solution

So, President Obama wants to make school days longer and cut back on the summer vacation, huh? At first, it sounds like a horror movie come true, but once you read this article you’ll see that there is more than meets the eye:

There are points to their argument that I agree with and there are some things that they would like to try that I agree with as well. No, I don’t like the idea of taking away summer vacation, but I do agree in making a class 10 minutes longer. This is 10 minutes that you can use to answer questions, review tests, focus on difficult topics, engage students in relevant discussion and more. Time in the hands of a creative and passionate educator is like the Sword of Omens in the hands of Lion-O–it makes for a devastating combination. Let’s see just how creative Captical Hill will become with this one. Stay tuned…

Will U.S. Education ever become as sharp, effective and life saving as his sword? Tune in for the next episode!

Will U.S. Education ever become as sharp, effective and life saving as his sword? Tune in for the next episode!

“I’m Not Doing It Unless You Make Me”

Okay, first let me say that I apologize for being gone for so long. Although it is the summer, I am still teaching full time. Not only that, but I have been balancing the rest of the time between being an positive impact in the lives of my community and respecting the lives that have impacted myself.stubborn-student1

This time, I have something to toss out there for all of you: to what extend is a teacher responsible for their student’s success?

I am attempting to see this from both sides of the desk. How do you guys feel about this?