Resources To Make Things Plain

We are always trying to figure out how to put resources into the hands of students and educators. Usually, I direct students to resources that have already proven to work. However, there are occasions when current resources are either too costly or inaccessible…so I create my own 🙂

Google Plus: I have a site in Google Plus dedicated to all of my Biological Science students. You can find me in  as “daprofessa nixon”. I post images, videos and live online workshops where students can ask questions and even interact with subject material…FOR FREE 🙂

YouTube: If you know of anyone who is taking Anatomy and Physiology, then they will tell you that lab time is never long enough. They will also tell you that if they could only take the models and professor home with them, then maybe they could learn the material alot better. Well, that’s what my YouTube channels “daprofessa77” and “daprofessa nixon” are for. Just go to and enter “daprofessa77” or “daprofessa nixon” into the search box and click enter. You will then be introduced to several lab and lecture tutorials that you can play and download at your leisure!

The Book: If you have not visited the Reading About How To Make Things Plain page ( then you are missing out BIG TIME. There is something for every student who wants to become successful in obtaining a complete education. This book deals with everything from why school doesn’t seem to work for you, to how to study, to why your teacher sucks (and what to do about it). Grab your copy (hard copy or Kindle copy) of Make It Plain: Vol.1 today!!!

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